Morenus Family Publication

I received the following email from Donna Morenus Murphy of Nebraska. The book she mentions contains information on some of the Morenus ancestors in the Cleveland area.  Thank you Donna.   I wanted to tell you as I was searching on Roots Web yesterday, I found that the W.F. Smith book “Marinus-Mereness-Morenus Family” is now […]

Social History of the Cleveland Glass Industry

Gathers lay molten lumps of glass on blow pipes

Preface This blog features the Thomas F. Harrington essay The Glass Industry of Cleveland, New York: A Social History donated to the Cleveland Historical Society.  The original 1979 piece looks to have been a school paper submitted to instructor Dr. J. Wellman.  The institution is unknown.  As the original was typed with penciled in corrections, […]

Griesmyer’s History of Cleveland Glass

    This blog post reproduces the outstanding article written by Frederick G. Griesmyer titled The Story of the Rise and Fall of Cleveland as Center for New York Glass Works.  Originally published in Courier Magazine in January of 1954, Mr. Griesmyer, a former worker at the Getman Glass Factory, provides a detailed account of […]