The Glass Factories of Cleveland and Bernhards Bay, New York

Webmaster’s Note:  The following essay was written by Andrew Henry on May 5th, 1978.  The original document found in the CHS archives did not include the citations page that originally accompanied Andrew’s paper.  However, I have kept his original citations within the text for reference.  The original document included several hand-penciled corrections.  If these corrections […]

Social History of the Cleveland Glass Industry

Gathers lay molten lumps of glass on blow pipes

Preface This blog features the Thomas F. Harrington essay The Glass Industry of Cleveland, New York: A Social History donated to the Cleveland Historical Society.  The original 1979 piece looks to have been a school paper submitted to instructor Dr. J. Wellman.  The institution is unknown.  As the original was typed with penciled in corrections, […]

Getman Glass By-Laws

Getman By-Laws Cover

  One of the unique aspects of the Getman Glass Company was the fact that the factory was based on a cooperative model.  Only 120 shares of stock were sold (at $100 each) and according to the company’s by-laws, transfer of stock is only permitted to another with like skills.  Recently, I obtained a copy, […]

Fred Wise Interview

Fred Wise, a third generation glass worker from Cleveland, was interviewed at the age of 83 regarding his memories of the glass industry.  The April 11, 1979 oral interview is archived at the Penfield College Library at Oswego State University.  Kathy Darrow obtained a copy of this recording and provided the transcription provided below in […]