Tuffy’s War

Every now and then you come across a project on the Internet that demonstrates a commitment to preserve a piece of local history.  Chris Crawford’s site, Tuffy’s War, is a perfect example of how to achieve this with style.  What’s more, the entire site focuses on former Cleveland resident Charles L. Tufts.

Tuffy's War - Screenshot
Tuffy’s War – Screenshot

The Finding Tuffy page is a very nice overview of the whole project and includes references to Cleveland Historical Society member Jack Cottet.  Previously Jack dedicated the Cleveland Historical Society publication Fires Along the Northshore to Tufts.

However, the most interesting segment of the page is Tuffy’s Diary.  Chris is publishing diary entries from Charles with a steady stream of blog posts.  The page is even setup so you can follow the posts via email subscription.

Very nice job Chris.  I encourage our members to check it out.

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